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Before You Sell Gold Jewelry for Cash

Everyone wants to earn cash fast, and there is no quicker way then selling old gold jewelry for money. But before you hand over your jewelry to a buyer, make sure you follow the instructions below so you can receive the maximum amount of cash for your jewelry.

Why do you want to sell? – It is a good idea to determine why you want to sell your gold jewelry for cash. Sometimes we need fast cash to pay for new things, pay bills, or have extra money for taxes. In this case, you want to get rid of jewelry that does not have much sentimental value. Items to sell would include single earrings and broken jewelry pieces. Some jewelry, such as heirlooms, probably should not be sold no matter how much you need cash. If a piece of jewelry is worth more than the metal it contains, its best to hold onto it or shop it around to antique dealers.

Get an Appraisal – When you figure out what you want to sell, it is good to get an appraisal from a third-party source. If you are only selling a few pieces then an appraisal might be overkill. If you have a handful of jewelry or more, then an appraisal from a 3rd-party source that is not looking to buy or sell jewelry can get you a lot more money. When you know how much your jewelry is actually worth in estimated resale and melt-down value, you are in a much better bargaining position. You will also know the accuracy of the karat markings on your jewelry.

Check the Gold Price Daily – Gold prices change constantly, since gold is exchanged on the open market. When selling gold, you will always earn more money when the price of gold is high. Over the past few months, the price of gold has hovered over $1,100 per ounce, which means gold prices have never been higher and now is a great time to sell gold. Remember that the actual price of gold per ounce does not equate to the amount of money you receive. The price of gold should only be used as a reference.

You can check gold prices live at

Get more than one quote– The prices that companies will pay for your scrap gold and jewelry will vary widely. Pawn shops, online gold buyers, and jewelers will pay you different amounts for the same amount of jewelry, because it all depends on what these companies specialize in. For example, if you sell to a jewelry store you may receive more money, but it will be in the form of store credit.

Review the Buyer – While researching buyers for selling your gold, make sure you can trust the company to receive good customer service. Companies like Cash4Gold specialize in customer service, and have a very strong reputation. If you sell to a jewelry store, then look up their reviews online.

There are many knock off companies on the internet that will simply take your gold and disappear. If you go the online route, then make sure the company you are dealing with will stick around.

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5 Reasons to Sell Gold for Cash

Why should you sell gold for cash? There are a number of reasons, and each reason will be different for the individual. With the current gold prices at near-record levels, it really doesn’t matter what your reason is – if you sell gold now you will get paid more than any other time in history. Online gold buyers make it very easy these days – all you have to do is request a gold kit, wait for it in the mail, and then mail off your gold items in an insured envelop. Many gold buyers now deposit money directly into your bank account if speed is what you are looking for.

Your Gold is No Longer Usable

Sometimes bad things happen can happen to good jewelry. Earrings can bend beyond repair, or you may lose one making the pair useless. Necklace chains can become mangled and bent, and can be very expensive to repair. You might also have a watch that hasn’t told time in years. Whatever the case may be, sometimes jewelry ends up in a bad enough condition where it is worth it for you to sell.

You Gold Jewelry isn’t Fashionable, or Causes Heartbreak

There are two reasons why you might not want an item anymore (excluding damage). One reason is that the piece of jewelry was given to as a gift during a relationship, and now that relationship has gone south. If a piece of jewelry haunts you every time you open the jewelry box, then it might be time to sell.
Another reason is that your style may have changed. A piece of jewelry from the 1980’s may not be too fashionable to wear anymore, Or the piece of jewelry is simply out of style or doesn’t match the style of clothes you wear currently.

It is Technically Recycling

Mining for gold and silver is one of the worst practices for the environment. Gold and silver mines completely ravage the piece of land where they sit (often they are many, many square miles large). They leave large holes in the earth and require lots of polluting machinery to operate. The area often gets torn apart by the large vehicles carrying ore back to the processing plants. At refineries, chemicals are used to extract the gold from the ore, which are released back into the environment.

The piece of jewelry you thought was so pretty actually has a dirty history.

The amount of work it takes to get gold back into a usable form from old gold and jewelry is substantially less than what it takes to extract that same amount from the earth. By selling your gold to a gold buyer, they will melt it down to be resold to jewelry makers and other types of businesses that use gold.

It’s an Easy Way to Get Money Fast

Everyone can use a little cash these days. Unemployment rates are high and the recession is still lingering. Not to mention tax time just passed, and if you owe money then selling gold can help ease the finally burden.

If your budget is strapped for cash, now would be a good time to look through old jewelry boxes to see if you can sell anything that you simply do not want anymore.

Selling Gold is Easy

It takes no more than 2 minutes to request a gold sellers kit from a company like Cash4Gold. They mail you a gold kit that arrives within a day or two, and they process your order as soon as they receive it. It makes much more sense than driving around town to find a pawn shop or jewelry store.

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Know More about Your Gold and Silver Before Selling

There are plenty of companies on the market today that will happily buy your scrap gold and silver jewelry, and pay you a good amount of money for it. Most of these companies will buy anything you can bring to their store or stuff in an envelope. These items include gold and silver jewelry, gold rings, broken gold watches, gold and silver coins, gold bars, cufflinks, and whole random assortment of items that you would rather sell than hold onto.

But there are some types of gold and silver items that are generally worthless. Usually this can be determined by the stamping on a price of gold or silver product. Stamping originated in the 1900’s to indicate what is in a piece of jewelry, and in most places it is the law to have to stamp gold or silver items.

Gold, Silver, and Platinum Stamps

Gold jewelry is marked with a number or a karat number to indicate that % of gold that makes up the jewelry.

You can read this handy gold conversion chart to understand what these markings mean. If your piece of jewelry has one of the markings below, it means that it does contain some amount of precious metals, which is gold, silver or platinum. The types of markings you may find include:

  • .917 means 22K
  • .585 means 14K
  • .417 means 10K
  • .375 means 9K
  • .333 means 8K
  • PT950 – indicates platinum content
  • Plat950 – indicates platinum content
  • 950 – indicates platinum content
  • Platinum – indicates platinum content
  • Plat – indicates platinum content
  • 5% Irid-Plat – indicates platinum content
  • Iridium Platinum
  • 925 means Sterling Silver

Gold Stamps with Little to No Value, or Antique Value

There are a few markings or stamps on gold items that indicate that the items contain very little gold. These include:

  • (GF) Gold Filled – is made by joining or bonding, under heat and pressure, a layer or layers of a karat gold to a base metal. This “sandwich” is then rolled or drawn to the required thickness. Gold Filled wire is made by forming a cup or tube of gold with a core of base metal. When drawn to size, the wire is gold around its entire diameter.
  • (GP) Gold Plated – Gold plating is a method of depositing a thin layer of gold onto the surface of another metal, most often copper or silver (to make silver-gilt), by chemical or electrochemical means.
  • (RGP) Rolled Gold Plated
  • (RP) Rolled Plated
  • Gold Counterfeits: 999, 999 Gold, or 999 Solid Gold – indicates pure gold, but plenty of counterfeiters use this markings.
  • (HE) Heavy Gold Plated
  • (1/10) or (1/10 GF) 10k Gold Filled – “Gold filled” applies only to items composed of a layer of gold pressed (not alloyed) onto a base metal where the weight of the gold comprises at least 1/20th of the total weight of the item. Fineness must be shown by stamp, e.g. “1/20 12 k G.F.” means the gold layer is 12 karat gold and comprises 1/20th of the total weight of the item.
  • (1/20) Gold Filled
  • (EP) Electroplated – “Gold electroplate” or “gold flash” or “gold washed” mean a gold coating that is 10 k or better gold at least 0.000007 inches thick. A variant, “heavy gold electroplate” (H.G.E.P.) is at least 0.0001 inches thick.

Silver Stamps with Little to No Value, or Antique Value

If your item contains one of the markings below, it does not mean it is necessarily worthless. Your item either contains too little silver to be worth melting for silver value, or is an antique piece that can get you more money by dealing with antique dealers rather than precious metal buyers. Some of these markings are from companies (Rogers Silver) that date back many, many decades – so understand what you have before tossing it out!

  • Silver-Plated
  • Rogers Silver
  • Coin Silver
  • 900
  • 915
  • Mexico
  • 800
  • International Silver

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Scrap Gold Calculator 2.0

Want to sell old scrap gold and jewelry for cash? It always helps to maximize the amount of money you receive for your old gold and silver if you know how much its worth.

Introducing Scrap Gold Calculator 2.0

  • Updated Gold, Silver and Platinum prices
  • Faster – Load it up once and use it as many times as you’d like
  • Easier to use – No more refreshing the page
  • Cleaner – Easier to understand

Try Scrap Gold Calculator 2.0 Now!

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Gold Prices’ Wild Ride

In early December of 2009, the price of gold hit an all time high – nearing $1,200 per ounce. Since then, it has been a true roller coaster. Over the past week, gold price has dropped to early November levels, which is a bit under $1,100 per ounce. Since December there have been a many highs and lows for the price of gold between $1,200 and $1,100 per ounce.

Not only did the price of gold soar in 2009, but gold stocks (mining companies for example) and indexes gained upwards for 100%-200% over the past 52 weeks.

What is the Future for Gold Prices?

Are gold prices going to continue downwards, or will they reach $2,000 per ounce like some experts say? It depends on who you ask.

Many gold bulls say that the fundamentals are strong for even more record breaking gold prices in 2010. Some predict $1,400 an ounce, while others claim $2,000. In the most recent edition of Investor’s Digest of Canada, John Embry, Chief Investment Strategist at Sprott, wrote an article titled, “Expect gold to gain more than 30% this year.”

But gold had a bad month in January, losing 1.2%, and some say that trend will continue. Some call it a “gold bubble” which needs to implode eventually.

The stock market bubble in 2000 led governments to flood the financial system with liquidity to try and tame the collapse. But “easy-money” (low interest rates, printing more money) led to an even greater bubble for housing and credit, which collapsed during the past two years. The problem with “easy money” being used as a tool to fix these collapses becomes apparent when the purchasing power of “fiat” (paper) money erodes.

The gold price boom is a direct result of investors losing confidence in the integrity of these currencies, as well as obvious decline in their purchasing power. Gold has remained consistent over time for well over 5,000 years, and is considered a true safe haven from the unpredictability of paper money.


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When is the Best Time to Sell Your Scrap Gold and Jewelry?

You about hear the price of gold changing everyday. One day it’s up, and one day it’s down. Sometimes it’s up a whole lot, than over the next week the price drops down to normal levels. Knowing that the current price of gold effects how much money you get when selling your gold jewelry, how do you know when is the right time to sell?

When the price goes up, you should get more money right? How do you predict the price of gold then?

The Price of Gold Rises When the Value of the Dollar Falls

It has been a long-standing truism that when the value of a dollar falls, the price of gold will rise. While this has been true for decades, this correlation has not been so predictable over the last year or two. Even when most experts are predicting a rise in gold price, it will fall just as easily. With current economic conditions – job loss, inflation, rising national debt, the gold price should be predictable, but it has not been that way.

The best way to predict a rise in gold price is when the Federal Reserve prints more money. An increased money supply means that each dollar will be worth less – meaning that it will take more dollars to equal an ounce of gold. But predicting these fluctuations is difficult, even for the experts that have dedicated their lives to trading.

The Current Price of Gold is Fairly Stable

The price for an ounce of gold has reached $1,000 recently, but it has not reached this level in the past few months even though the current economic climate says otherwise.

It is a safe bet to say that gold will remain between $900 and $1,000 for the immediate future. This means that when you sell your scrap gold, the cash you earn should not be too much different one week to the next. There is no point in waiting, especially if you need money now, unless you have significant amounts of gold to sell. If you have over an ounce, then analyzing the price changes will benefit you. But most people only sell scrap gold a few grams at a time.

Gold is a “Safe Haven”

Because the price of gold is so stable, it is seen as a “safe investment,” especially during times when the stock market fluctuates wildly. You could invest some money in gold when the price is low, and expect a marginal return in a few weeks or months. Generally, most stocks do not work like this so stock market investing is seen as “risky.”

Because of recent stock market conditions, many more people have invested in gold. The increased demand has raised the price of gold to the levels you see today.

So, When is the Best Time to Sell Gold?

As you can see, predicting the price of gold is not easy. Even the experts have trouble. Despite all of the ways you can predict how the price of gold will act, the last 12-18 months have shown that the gold price will do what it wants.

The best time to sell gold is when you need money! Whether it is right now, or next week, whenever you need money fast is the best time to sell scrap gold and jewelry. A $10 difference in the price of gold will not effect your cash for gold payout noticeably, so sell your gold when you need to!

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Sell Gold Jewelry – Four Reasons Besides Money

If you aren’t in urgent need of money but are thinking about selling some unwanted jewelry, then now is one of the opportune times to sell gold jewelry. The price of gold is higher than it’s been in the last thirty years, so right now is the best moment in time to sell gold jewelry that we may see for years to come. The most obvious reason you would sell gold jewelry is to make some extra money, but there are actually many additional reasons to sell off your unwanted stuff.

There are practical reasons to sell gold jewelry but there are also sentimental reasons. No reason to sell your gold jewelry is better than another, but if more than one of the following sound like your situation, it’s probably a sign that now is the right time to sell.

1. Your Jewelry is Damaged and Broken

If you have earrings without mates, a brooch with a busted clasp, an old watch that doesn’t tell time, or a chain that is twisted and kinked, you may keep thinking to yourself, “Someday I’ll get this fixed.” If you haven’t done it by now, will it ever happen?

You’d be surprised at the price of jewelry repair these days. The careful dexterity required as well as the relative softness of gold jewelry means a large bill for getting the damage repaired. When you sell gold jewelry that is damaged and broken, you can use the extra money to buy sparkling new jewelry pieces that are brand new.

2. The Jewelry You Have is Out of Style

Most people have very selective taste in jewelry so finding a buyer for older, dated jewelry can be hard. It can be a tedious task to find a prospect for outdated jewelry and there is no guarantee you will every find interested customers.

Companies who buy scrap gold jewelry, however, are always ready to buy from you, and they don’t care about the condition or style of old jewelry. They won’t penalize you on the payment just because your jewelry is ugly and old!

3. It is a Hassle to Sell Gold Jewelry Piece by Piece.

Everyone thinks that their grandfather’s antique watch can be sold to a collector or someone who will cherish them. The hard reality is that it is very difficult to find the right buyer for antique jewelry, and even when you have found someone willing to buy they likely will not be attracted to all of your pieces. By splitting up your jewelry based on quality and selling only a few pieces to collectors, you’re cutting your work down. The less than desirable stuff can be sold to scrap gold buyers.

When you sell gold jewelry to a gold buyer who wants the gold for scrap, you can sell it all at once for a great price. All said and done, you’ll have money in hand and no more antique jewelry to worry about.

4. Your Gold Jewelry has Bad Memories

Still have that engagement ring from an old boyfriend who left you at the alter or gold rings from your ex-spouse? To sell gold jewelry that’s associated with unpleasant memories from your past can be very empowering. You will get something of value from the items you would otherwise forget. Don’t hold on to the bad memories. Get started with a new life with some money in your pocket.

There are as many reasons to sell gold jewelry for scrap as there are pieces of jewelry. If one of the above reasons is your own life, now is the right time to sell gold jewelry so you can move on with your life.

Use our Scrap Gold Calculator to get estimates on your old gold and jewelry before you sell!

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3 Things to Know About Selling to Jewelry Stores

If you’ve decided to sell your gold and jewelry to a gold buyer like Cash4Gold, here are some things you should expect. What to Know When Selling Scrap Gold is an article that touched on the subject, so this article will go into more detail on retail jewelry stores buying your gold.

You have the right to get the maximum amount of money when you sell your gold and jewelry. For some people, Cash4Gold is the best option because they buy jewelry and gold of any type. Broken necklaces, single earrings, dental gold, and the list goes on and on.

What if you have a piece of jewelry that you think is worth more than just the metal that makes it up? You use our scrap gold calculator and think you can get more money from a jewelry store for selling your jewelry.

But before you do, here’s what you need to know so you don’t get surprised!

You Can’t Trust Engraving

Skilled jewelers and special equipment can tell exactly what kind of metal makes up a piece of jewelry. Unfortunately what you think you have may not be what you have.

The engraving on jewelry denotes its karat, or gold purity level. Most countries have no laws requiring that engraving be accurate, and many do not require a 3rd party to verify jewelry’s gold content. It’s possible some jewelry is incorrectly stamped to misrepresent the quality for the seller to earn more money.

Scrap Gold Prices Do Not Reflect Retail Value

It’s easy to assume that when you sell to a gold buyer like Cash4Gold, you will get retail value for your jewelry and gold. Gold buyers only buy the intrinsic value of the metal that makes up the jewelry, not it’s quality or appeal.

Jewelry stores work on incredibly high margins, and can make up prices by 3-20x their actual worth. Even gold and jewelry bought on sale will still be far higher than the value of the metal. The situation is similar to buying a brand new car. As soon as you take it out of the store, the price of the car drops dramatically.

Jewelers Use Appraising as a Marketing Tool

If you take your gold and jewelry to a jeweler for appraisal, there is a good chance that the appraised value is for trade-in only. This means that they will not actually give you cash for it. They expect you to buy another item that is already marked up 3-20 times its actual value.

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Cash4Gold Now Offering 20% More for Scrap Gold and Jewelry

If you haven’t heard, the largest scrap gold buyer in the world is now offering 20% more for your scrap gold and jewelry. The marketing campaign is designed to help them reach their $100,000,000 payout goal. With gold prices still at high levels, you can earn a lot of money for the jewelry and gold you no longer need.

What is Cash4Gold?

Cash4Gold offers a service that lets you securely mail-in old, broken, and unwanted jewelry and gold pieces for money. The company started growing very quickly a few years ago when gold prices started reaching all-time highs.

How Cash4Gold Work?

Step 1: Request a Kit from Cash4Gold. This is a free service, and requires no personal information from you aside from your name and address.
Step 2: When the “Pak” arrives at your home, you insert and ship off the gold items you no longer need. The “Pak” is durable for holding your heavy items, so no need to worry about it getting damaged.
Step 3: Wait for payment. Cash4Gold will sort and process your scrap gold and jewelry to determine the value of your items. In less than a couple of days, you will receive payment by check. You also have the option of getting paid within 24 hours from the time they process your items if you attach a voided check for direct deposit.

Cash4Gold’s Commitment to Safety and Customer Satisfaction

Cash4Gold prides itself on safe and secure delivery of your gold items. Here are some facts directly from their website:

  • Shipping Your Items Safely – The envelope send to your home for delivery is strong and durable. It is also generic so no one knows what the package contains. You are also able to track the Pak every step of the way online. Free insurance is provided for up to $100 via the post office, and you have the option of sending the package through any shipping company for more insurance.
  • Arrival of Your Items – The shipments are picked up by a bonded armored truck and taken directly to the Cash4Gold facility. The post office provides a detailed report on the number of packs sent that is checked-in upon arrival
  • Full Documentation – When your package arrives at the Cash4Gold facility, your items are photographed and compared to the itemized list that you provide. If you choose to have your items returned, then photographs are once again taken to verify that all your items are going into the return package.
  • Secure Building – All people, including employees, are checked by armed guards and metal detectors prior to entering and leaving the building. Armed guards and high definition security cameras ensure that no jewelry leaves the building. The building is a complete “vault” – there are no windows and the walls are built like a vault.

Customer satisfaction is the number one priority at Cash4Gold. Very few competitors offer the 100% Satisfaction Guarantee that is offered by Cash4Gold.

If for any reason you feel that any of your items have not been fairly evaluated by Cash4Gold, simply return our check or call within twelve (12) days of the date on the check. Cash4Gold will promptly return your items. That I guarantee!

Jeff Aronson, CEO

You can use our Scrap Gold Calculator for estimates. Keep in mind, the 20% more Cash4Gold is offering is not implemented into our calculator.

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What to Know When Selling Scrap Gold

You’ve seen the advertisements – gold buying companies want to buy your scrap gold! So, you need some extra money and you have some scrap gold jewelry lying around. Now what?

Many people get confused about the scrap gold selling process. There are certain things you should expect when selling scrap gold so you do not run into any surprises.

This list will help you understand how the process works, and why you get paid what you do for your scrap gold and jewelry.

Gold Jewelry can be Gold-Plated or Alloyed

Some pieces of jewelry have other metals mixed in, usually to make them cheaper to produce or to create a color or quality effect.

Some gold items can be gold-plated, but are made up of a much cheaper metal like steel. Other gold items can be alloyed with something else – Rose gold, for example, comes from alloying gold with copper and silver.

If your scrap gold is metal-plated or alloyed with another metal, then you should expect to get paid less for it than if it were all gold of the same weight.

Do Not Expect the Real Price of Gold

Too many people see the price of gold (currently around $940 per troy ounce), and they expect to get that for their scrap gold. Here is why you should not expect to get paid the real price of gold.

  • A troy ounce is not equal to a regular ounce – Metals are measured in troy ounces, while other things, like grocery store items, are measure in avoirdupois ounces. 16 avoirdupois ounces are in one pound.

    Troy ounces are heavier than avoirdupois ounces, so it would require more of one item for a troy ounce to be equal to an avoirdupois ounce.

    To make it easy, we can use the metric system

    • One troy ounce = 31.1 grams
    • One avoirdupois ounce = 28.35 grams
  • Gold Buyers Need to Make Money – It costs money to inspect your scrap gold, refine it into gold bars, and to get it certified. Refining costs alone can be about 10% of the price. The gold buyers need to make sure they can stay in business.

    It is true the price you get paid is based on the current price of gold, but always except 20-30% or more less than the current price of gold, depending on who you sell it to.

  • The Price of Gold on the Market Can Drop Fast – Gold buyers take on all of the risk when buying your scrap gold. It is very possible to see the price of gold drop by 5% or more in a single day. Although it is not common, it can happen over a few days. A gold buyer can pretty much lose all of its profit after they have paid you for your scrap gold.

    Because of this, gold buyers have to factor in some risk when paying you, so it is another reason to never expect the current market price of gold.

OK, everything so far ensures that you will get less than the market price of gold. But could you be getting too little for your scrap gold?

3 Tips You Can Use to Maximize your Scrap Gold Price

Get Paid More When You Have More Scrap Gold – Scrap gold buyers work on a graduated pay-scale, so the more you have of one type of gold, the more you will get per gram. When selling scrap gold, always sell as much as you possibly can at once.

Have More than 1,000 Grams? Deal Direct! – If you have a large amount of scrap gold jewelry, you are better going direct with a gold buyer, and negotiating your price face to face.

When selling scrap gold, most people only sell about 50 grams, rarely more than 100 grams, so going direct is not something you have to worry about.

Negotiate Your Payment – Any reputable gold buyer will give you a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee. If you are not satisfied when you receive your check (and even if you are), call up the gold buyer and try to negotiate a little more money for your scrap gold. If they give in, which shouldn’t be too difficult, you can see a few extra bucks for your scrap gold.

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