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Scrap Gold Calculator 2.0

Scrap Gold Calculator 2.0 is an updated, interactive version of the text-based gold calculator below. Please note that actual values provided may be different. Scrap Gold Calculator 2.0 takes into account current gold prices which are much higher.

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Please read the FAQ below the calculator for more information. You agree and understand that the values provided by these calculator do not guarantee these are amounts paid by gold buyers. Your results may vary.

Original Scrap Gold Calculator

The Original Scrap Gold Calculator.
Last Updated: April, 2021

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How do I maximize my return when selling my scrap gold, silver and jewelry?

If you have less than 10 ounces of gold,silver, or any other metal, this calculator will give very general estimates. The refiner
pays out on a graduated pay scale for metals below 10 ounces.

The trick to maximizing your return is to have more than 10 ounces. The pay-out prices are much higher when you have more than 10 ounces.

If you want to see real time pay-outs for scrap gold, silver and platinum, see the “Prices We Pay” page here.

How do I use this calculator?

It’s simple really. Enter the amount of precious metal you have, and then select the measurement. If you have 1 ounce, you would input 1 and select “Ounces” from the drop down menu.

Then select the type of jewelry or precious metal you have. This calculator accounts for all types of gold, silver, sterling silver, and platinum.

Once the information has been entered, Click Submit to see the estimated cash you would could earn for selling your old and unwanted jewelry.

How are these prices for gold, silver, and platinum calculated?

The prices used in this calculator are taken directly from the Cash4Gold website. Why do we use the prices from Cash4Gold and not another website? Because they are the only ones willing enough to publish the prices they pay right on their website.

Will I receive the exact amount that this calculator provides?

No! While you may receive the exact amount stated in this calculator, you may also receive more, or less, than the amount displayed. This calculator is for estimation purposes only! The prices used in this calculator are updated only every day or two, so they do not reflect actual prices paid for your old gold and jewelry.

Why is the price I get from this calculator less than the actual price of gold, silver, or platinum?

When you are selling scrap gold or jewelry, it is much different than buying or selling gold on the open market. When buying and selling gold on the market, you are dealing with true market prices, where the gold you buy is usually only available in a few select formats like a 10-ounce gold bullion bar.

When you sell your gold jewelry to a refiner, like Cash4Gold, you are essentially paying for a service. They must melt down your gold, silver, or platinum jewelry to get the true value from it. Unless you have your own crucible to melt down your jewelry, then the only way to see the most amount of cash for the jewelry you no longer want is by selling it to a refiner.

Are stones, like diamonds and rubies, calculated with this calculator?

Stones such as diamonds and rubies that are embedded in jewelry pieces are not calculated in this calculator. That does not mean you will not get paid for them… it is just impossible for us to account for every type and size of stone.

Why not just sell to a pawn shop?

Pawn shops will likely sell your old and broken jewelry to a refiner anyway, so cutting out the middleman by going direct to a refiner makes financial sense.

Why not just sell to a jewelry store?

Selling scrap and broken gold and silver jewelry is a great way to make some fast cash. But if you try to sell it to a jeweler, you might see less than if you went directly to the refiner, because they will sell it to a refiner anyway so why not cut out the middleman?

Going to a jeweler makes financial sense if you have jewelry that has additional value because of craftsmanship, or if it is an antique. In these cases your best bet is to shop it around to jewelers to see if you can earn more money than selling it to a refiner.