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Cash4Gold Remains Committed to Complete Customer Satisfaction

When it comes to buying old gold and broken jewelry, no one does it better than Cash4Gold. In 2008, the price of gold soared, and business for gold buyers like Cash4Gold followed. But with so many people requesting kits and selling their old gold to Cash4Gold, it’s easy for a few customers to slip through the cracks.

So when a customer feels that they have been wronged, they take to the internet and post their story online for others to see. There are many gold and jewelry buying companies out there, but Cash4Gold is the only one that is consistently on the hunt for these complaints to resolve them. Most companies in the gold buying industry will ignore these complaints and do ‘business as usual,” but not Cash4Gold.

Straight from the Ripoff Report Website Investigation,

Cash4Gold customers can feel safe confident & secure when doing business Cash4Gold & Albar Precious Metal Refining – Commitment to total customer satisfaction, positive rating for its customer support.

Update: Cash4Gold pledges to resolve complaints. Commitment to Rip-off Report Corporate Advocacy Program.- Executives stated ‘We are only as strong as our weakest link running a company of this size & volume you must adapt to your customers needs’ Over $350,000 spent on new state of the art tracking systems

Cash4gold rip off reportWith so much volume being done at Cash4Gold processing centers (up to 30,000 packages processed per month), it was easy for individuals to get lost in the shuffle. But Cash4Gold has spent $350,000 on updating its gold pack tracking system, which is now unmatched by competitors. It will now only take a touch of a button for customer support to be able to find someone’s package.

Cash4Gold has Four Star Service

Last year, Cash4Gold hired an independent consulting firm to rate its customer service. The month long study resulted in a rating of 4 Stars for Cash4Gold.

Cash4Gold treats every package received like it is the most important one in the processing center. Whether that package has an old wedding band, broken watch, or even a gold painted rock sent in as a hoax, all packages are cataloged and examined by professionally trained jewelers.

A direct quote from Cash4Gold is “Even the gold painted rocks are treated as if they were real. If a Blog hoaxer has the time to send it in, Cash4Gold has the time to make an offer or send it back in the mail. That is Cash4Gold’s commitment to their process.”

If the customer is not fully satisfied with their payment, then Cash4Gold will return the contents of the package to the customer. Cash4Gold will hold onto your package for 10 days, so the customer has time to make a good decision. No other company will make this guarantee to customer satisfaction.

Cash4Gold pays out based on the quality of the gold and silver sent in, as well the current market prices for the metals. They then offer the customer a price that they think is fair. If you plan of selling to Cash4Gold, remember that you have a right to negotiate on what they are willing to pay you!

Beware of Imitators! Cash4Gold is your Best Bet when Selling Gold and Jewelry for Cash

Cash4Gold’s success has spawned a lot of imitators. There are now so many competitors in the scrap gold buying market that it is impossible to know who to trust. There are many fly by night operations popping up, and they will never be able to touch the level of commitment Cash4Gold has for its customers.

Cash4Gold is one of the industry’s most respected refiners and has consistently received an A Rating from the Better Business Bureau for seven straight years.

Sources: Cash4Gold: Four Star Rating for Cash4Gold’s Service

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