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Gold Prices Continue To Rise – Could Hit $1000 First Week Of February

Looking to sell your old gold and jewelry? It might be a smart play to wait until next week when gold prices are estimated to hit new highs. You can still a free gold kit if you anticipate selling your old gold and jewelry.

SILVER and GOLD PRICES are blasting the hair off our heads, and it’s not over yet. Meanwhile, the dollar looks like squash on a dead vine. Stocks don’t look much better.

It’s obvious that SILVER & GOLD PRICES are in the last stages of their rally because they are moving straight up every day by leaps & bounds. The SILVER PRICE cleared the $17s in nine days, the $18s in three days, and after two days is 3/4 of the way through the $19s.

Source: Gold Price Could Hit $1000 Next Week

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