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The Value of Gold Coins

The gold coin is a tried and true answer for economic prosperity. From the Greeks to the Romans to the Middle Ages, gold was used to back governments because of its rarity. When societies base their currencies on “reputation,” also know as fiat currency, prosperous civilizations have fallen. American currency is backed by its government edict, claiming sound money that has no real value, no more than the paper it is written on. During the troubling times of the past few years, it is wise for Americans to invest in gold coins for the long haul.

For many millenniums, gold has proven a worthy backing for sound currency. Fiat currency proves to be very volatile, and is impossible to sustain in the long run. That’s why its wise for people to invest in gold bullion and coins. It preserves purchasing power as fiat currency fluctuates, and gold protects wealth. Buying gold coins is a convenient mans for profit potential and wealth protection. Gold coins can typically be 1-5% more valuable than bullion because of production and marketing costs.

You can sell your scrap gold for money and reinvest it into gold coins and bullion through a provider such as Monex. Monex is America’s premium gold coin dealer.

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