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Time to Clean Out your Jewelry Boxes – Gold Reaches All Time Highs

The price of gold has reached an all time high of $1000 per ounce. With recession fears growing, many people need money to pay the bills. Right now, there’s probably no better way to get quick cash then to sell your broken and unused gold. Check out your jewelry boxes and look for gold jewelry that you no longer wear. That can include things like single earring pieces, broken chains, and gold jewelry you no longer wear that has gone out of style. With only a few pieces, you could make yourself well over a few hundred bucks very quickly!

But are you selling your gold to a pawn shop or jeweler? If you are, you should consider requesting a gold kit today directly from a gold refiner. Why? Pawn shops are known to give you rock bottom payouts for your items, and jewelers are known to skim a little off the top for the same exact service. Your scrap gold and jewelry will end up in the hands of the refiners anyway, so why pay the middleman?

Rocket Pawn and Jewelry Owner Cynthia Beavers says customers are coming in droves to trade in their old gold for cash. “Just scrap gold chains, necklaces, rings – they’re just cleaning out their jewelry boxes,” she says. News of the price increase of gold is all over town. Pawn shops are seeing people bring in broken jewelry, old wedding rings, and even gifts from ex significant others.

Source: It’s Worth It’s Weight

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