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Types of Precious Metals and Jewelry You Can Sell Online

What kind of gold and jewelry can you sell online? While there are a large number of web sites online that will send you cash for your old and unwanted jewelry, there are usually few things you can’t send for money!

Broken and Unusable Jewelry:

Old broken gold and silver chains and necklaces are the perfect things to send off for money. Remember, the condition of the jewelry does not matter, just the quality of the metal. Tangle, bent, or broken gold or platinum jewelry is just as good as brand new.

If you have an earring collection where you’ve lost one of the pair over the years, you can send it off for money. Old rings, such as class rings, are perfect too if you never wear them.

Other cash for jewelry items:

  • Dental Gold
  • Platinum Jewelry,
  • Palladium Jewelry
  • Loose Diamonds
  • Swiss watches
  • Rolex watches
  • Pendants, charms, clusters
  • Chain and bangle bracelets
  • Foreign gold and silver coins
  • Old gold watch bands, cases, buckles
  • US gold coins

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