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BullionVault is the Easiest Way to Buy, Sell, and Trade Real Gold

It’s hard for individuals to find simple and safe ways to buy, sell and store gold. You could buy gold bars straight up and store them in your basement. But do you know where to buy these gold bars, and would feel safe storing these valuable pieces of gold in your home? How would you get rid of them if you wanted to cash out your gold? Would anyone buy from you knowing that you cannot guarantee its integrity? Investing in gold requires huge amounts of money to get access to the best prices. Do you have that kind of access? Storing your gold in an accredited storage account requires at least 15-20 400-ounce bars and has huge fees. Many average and even wealthy people will be paying a high premium just to deal with gold. Seems like investing in gold is more trouble than its worth!

This is where BullionVault comes in. BullionVault was started in 2005 as a gold bullion exchange and physical storage provider. Their goal is to make buying, selling, and owning gold as accessible and easy as possible.

Bullion Vault Buy and Sell Gold Bullion

Buying Gold – Barriers to Entry

The most competitive gold prices are only enjoyed by those in the professional gold bullion market. These entities include governments, gold bullion banks, large gold dealers, and gold refineries. The professional gold market only deals in Good Delivery bars. If you can’t trade in these bars, then you can’t enjoy their completive prices.

A Good Delivery bar will typically weigh around 400 Troy Oz, which is around 12.5 kilograms. These Good Delivery bars are cast by a very small group of metal refiners, accredited by professional gold bullion dealing communities in New York, Zurich, and London. These gold bars are always 99.5% pure gold or better. The professional markets only trade the pure gold content, known as fine gold, so you never had to pay for the .5 or less percentage of impurities.

As these Good Delivery bars are moved between vaults and accounts, a very careful record is maintained. This guarantees the gold bar is what it is, and it greatly lowers the handling and dealing costs.

BullionVault gives you Access to the Professional Markets

With BullionVault, you get access to professional market gold, in any quantity that you want. That means you can deal with gold in grams instead of paying for a full bar of bullion.

BullionVault deals with Good Delivery gold, giving you the best market prices available. The cost of dealing with BullionVault is about 1/10th what a regular individual would pay dealing with gold coins and small gold bars.

There are no fees to join BullionVault, where there would be with a unit trust or mutual. You only pay commission when buying gold up to 0.8%, which lowers as invest more. You can pay as little as 0.02% when you invest more than $30,000.

The gold is stored in vaults in London (UK), New York (USA), and Zurich (Switzerland). Storing your gold through BullionVault means storage charges of an incredibly low 0.12% pa with insurance. That’s less than 1/10th of storage fees charged by retail banks.

When you sell your gold, you won’t have to hire an expensive armored courier. This can save you an incredible amount of money. BullionVault customers save money because they deal directly with each other!

BullionVault Guarantees your Safety and Security.

When you buy gold with BullionVault, it is your property. Even if BullionVault or its parent company went out of business, you would still own the gold. No need to worry about the risks of any financial institution. It remains stored at one of three locations, New York, London, or Zurich, which are run by accredited professional vault operators.

BullionVault is the only gold market that says open 24/7. That’s in the world! There are no minimum periods for investing, and you can withdrawal your cash as soon as you sell your gold.

In addition, it’s almost impossible to make a mistake when trading on BullionVault. You can’t buy more gold than you can pay for, and you can’t deal gold at a ridiculous price. The system is designed to eliminate the obvious user errors. First time buyers are invited to talk to BullionVault customer service, so they can be led through the process with ease.

Bullion Vault Buy and Sell Gold Bullion

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Gold Prices to Remain High

The price of gold jumped about $30 per ounce today, Monday, September 29, 2008. This brings the price of gold to around $900 an ounce. With recent economic developments, gold is the last safe haven for investment. Demand is skyrocketing and experts predict the price will remain in the $900-$1,000 range for the rest of the year. Some even say we can see all time highs by the end of the year.

The good news is that you can sell your old gold and jewelry now and make some very good cash for very little work. The economy is still uncertain, and it looks like it won’t get any better soon. But nobody knows if it will get a little worse, or a lot worse. The worse the dollar gets, the higher the price of gold will go.

The bailout plan did not pass, which means in the long run the dollar should remain fairly consistent with what it is today for the time being. We’d love to see the price of gold go as high as possible, but not at the expense of a complete dollar collapse.

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Price of Gold has Biggest Gain Ever

The price of gold has never jumped like today! Gold prices posted the biggest one-day gain in history (in dollar terms). The huge jump in the price of gold was triggered by stock market turmoil as the government bails out AIG and Lehman Brothers Holdings Inc., files for bankruptcy. These are major shake-ups, so investors are flocking to gold as a safe-haven for their money.

Gold jumped 11.6%, or $90.40 , to $870.90 an ounce and settled to around $850 an ounce. It was the biggest-one day price jump since the record set in 1980, where it the gain was $64.

Fearing more tightening of credit markets, investors reacted swiftly and began dumping stocks and socking money into gold, silver and other safe-haven commodities. Gold is especially attractive during times of crisis because the metal is known for holding its value.

Silver prices also jumped. The December contract soared $1.158 to settle at $11.675 an ounce. December copper, however, fell 4.65 cents to settle at $3.0425 a pound.

So what’s this mean for people who want to make some easy money? Sell your old gold and jewelry online! If you have old gold and jewelry lying around, you can take advantage of the market corrections taking place, especially since gold has dropped 25% from it’s high point of $1,000 earlier in the 2008 year. It may be a while until this is over, and gold is expected to keep rising and rising.

Source: AP: Gold prices post biggest 1-day gain ever

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How to Sell Gold and Silver Jewelry for Maximum Cash

Gather Your Old, Broken, and Junk Gold and Silver

You need cash now and want to sell gold and silver for good money. Here’s how to do it!

Many of us have jewelry boxes that have been collecting dust for ages. Jewelry can be very expensive to fix. Some pieces of gold and silver jewelry that you find have gone out of style, while other pieces are broken and unusable. In the case of earrings, you may have lost an earring so a single earring is pretty useless to you. Watches die out and aren’t worth fixing.

The process is simple. Scour your home for all of the pieces you want to sell in your jewelry boxes, attic, or wherever. Separate the pieces into junk gold and silver you want to sell for cash quickly, and other pieces you may want to hold onto because it’s a high-quality piece or has sentimental value.

Separate by Type of Gold and Silver

Gold and silver jewelry comes in a wide variety of metals. While the pieces are made up of gold and silver, they can be alloyed with other metals to make them more or less valuable. Look closely at the pieces to identify the quality of the gold or silver.

In the case of gold jewelry, 8K, 10K and 14K is the lower quality and less pure. 14K gold is only 58.33% pure gold. On the other hand, 24K is pure, 100% gold. Click here to read more about gold purity and gold color. In the United States, 14K is the lowest purity of gold that can be considered “jewelry,” but that doesn’t mean you can’t sell it!

Silver has a similar system for identifying its purity. Sterling silver is less than pure silver, while .999 Silver is as close to pure silver as you’re going to get.

You can also sell platinum pieces of gold because platinum is another precious metal that is actually more valuable than gold.

Weigh Your Gold and Silver

This can be a little difficult if you don’t have a proper scale. Unless you have several pounds of gold and silver, then your typical bathroom scale won’t do the trick. You can spend $40 on a digital scale but it won’t be worth the investment. There are generic metal scales available at your local office supply store that can be used to give you a rough estimate, and they shouldn’t cost more than a few dollars.

Wait for the Right Time

Gold and silver prices change daily, but the prices a jewelry store or refiner will pay may not change as often. No one can predict the stock market, so it can be impossible to tell where the prices are going. In any case, RIGHT NOW is a good time to sell. Gold is hovering around some of the highest rates it has ever been (around $950-$975 per ounce as of mid-July 2008). You can hold onto your gold for a while to see what happens, so it really depends on how badly you need cash.

Shop Your Gold and Silver Around, then Sell for Maximum Cash

You have two options for selling your unwanted gold. One is the jewelry store, and the other is an online refiner.

For high-quality pieces, you should open up the phone book and shop your gold around to a couple of local jewelry stores. Jewelry pieces that are antiques or have quality-craftsmanship can be worth more then the actual metal they are made out of. If your piece is one-of-a-kind, then your best bet is shopping it around to jewelry stores. When a jeweler gives you an estimate, they should weigh the gold and silver out in front of you. If they do not, be weary and move on.

For lower-quality, broken, and junk gold and silver pieces, you can sell your gold to an online refiner. Online refiners work by shipping a package to your home. You fill the package with your scrap gold and silver, and then mail it off to them.

Within days you should receive a check for your bounty. If you are not satisfied with the check, send it back and they will send you back your package of gold and silver. You can get a rough estimate of what online refiners are willing to pay by using this calculator.

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Business is Booming for Gold Buyers like Cash4Gold

Cash4gold logoWith the current state of the economy, and the soaring price of gold, gold buyers are booming. Cash4Gold, a gold and silver buying company, was recently featured on Money Talks, with Stacy Johnson. Cash4Gold has seen great success in the past two years, growing from 15 employees to 135, and featured on Entrepreneur Magazine’s “Hot 500” list of the fastest growing companies in 2007. Hundreds of thousands of customers have been helped by Cash4Gold, with millions of dollars paid out so far.

Cash4Gold president, Howard Mofshin, says that is the largest buyer of gold online. The company buys from regular people all over the nation by sending out a Free Kit for those that want to make extra money by selling their old gold and silver jewelry, along with other precious metal items. Cash4Gold reviews thousands of these Free Kits a day. The packages are sorted, processed, and paid for. The process is simple. The company reviews the contents of the package and immediately sends a check to the consumer. The gold is then melted down in the company’s refinery. The customer always has the option of refusing the check and getting their package returned to them.

Mofshin states that the best way to get the highest pay-out for jewelry and other items made from precious metals is to shop it around. Some high value jewelry pieces with quality craftsmanship, or antiques, can probably earn a person more money at an antique store, road show, or jeweler. But for most pieces, like broken gold chains, single silver earrings, and whatever else you may have laying around, selling to a gold buyer is easiest way to receive the highest payout.

Consumers should not expect the $925 per ounce or so that is current price of gold. Most gold purchasers will pay 50-80% of the current gold “spot price,” depending on the amount being traded in. The rule of thumb is, the more you trade (by weight), the more you will be paid per ounce. is part of Albar Precious Metal Refining, Inc, one of the industry’s most respected refiners and has consistently received an A rating from the Better Business Bureau for seven years straight. It was opened in 2001, and is managed by a team of professionals with 60 years experience in the industry.

Read More about the Stacy Johnson Interview…

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Are You Ready to Diversify your Portfolio with Gold Silver and other Precious Metals?

If you’re an experienced investor, then you already know that gold, silver, and platinum are great investment choices, because they remain stable during times of economic uncertainty. With a recession looming, and a drawn out race to the White House, this decade has been some of the most uncertain in recent memory. Investment experts recommend that you keep 10-20% of your assets tied up in gold, silver, and platinum bullion and funds.

Precious Metals protect you against the falling US Dollar.

By diversifying your portfolio with precious metals, you can add stability, and even profitability. Precious metals are a solid hedge bet against the declining US dollar, which experts say still has a lot to fall before it goes back up. Trade imbalance, the war on terrorism, and a huge deficit are all contributing to the fall of the dollar.

The fact of the matter is that gold and silver are becoming more of a bargain on a daily basis. The reason is very simple: Every day, the central bank money spigots are spewing out at least ten times as much money, as miners are able to produce gold and silver!

Precious metals are a worldwide “currency”. The value of gold, silver, and platinum are not dependent on the US dollar alone.

Precious Metals protect your wealth.

At the very least, investment in gold and other precious metals is “safe” investment. While they won’t make you rich, they definitely won’t make you poor if all of your assets are tied up in US Currency. This is especially true for those who have retirement funds waiting which lose value by the day. If you’re protected with precious metals, you will know that some of your assets won’t be wiped away when your stocks fall.

Take a look at the graph to the right to see how gold has performed against the stock market.
value of gold vs the stock market

Do you free information on getting in on the “Gold Rush?”

Get your investment education book by clicking the image below. No Credit Card required. Huntington Financial has 20+ years experience in trading Gold futures/options.

gold investment guide

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The Various Forms of Ownership in Gold

Soaring gold prices and rising inflation have caused a lot of people to sell their old gold and scrap jewelry. While gold was recently at $1,000 an ounce, it has fallen to about $930 an ounce. Many jewelers have seen slumping sales as the price of gold has risen over the past year. People find more financial sense in selling their gold rather than buying it if they are in a crunch.

But gold jewelry is not the best way to own gold. As a matter of fact it is probably the worst. The real value of the jewelry is subjective and prices change with the craftsmanship, design, and other gemstones. Unless you are a seasoned jeweler, stick to jewelry for what it is: an accessory. Sell it if you have and need money. Buy it if you can afford it financially.

What are some of the other ways to own gold if your plan is long-term investment?

Gold bullion bars and coins

This is a common way to own gold. Bullion bars and coins come in many different shapes and sizes, such as the American Eagle gold coin. They are a cost-effective way for investing in gold that you can actually touch. Weights will vary from piece to piece, but they should all be close to, if not all, solid gold.

Allocated Accounts and Gold Certificates

Allocated accounts are the most secure way to invest in gold. A recognized dealer stores and manages the gold, and you have an account to reflect the actual value. They do this for many people at a time.

Gold certificates are similar, but the transfers and payments in gold are made electronically instead of transferring the actual gold. The physical gold is stored in vaults whether at banks or currency operators.

Gold Futures

Gold futures are essentially contracts that promise to make or take delivery of gold, with a specified quantity and quality, at a predetermined date with a predetermined price. Gold futures are a risky way of investing in gold (as its not technically a long-term investment). You can make a lot of money with gold futures, but you can also lose a lot if you don’t know the gold market.

Shares and Funds

These shares and funds not only invest in gold, but in the companies that produce gold themselves. They offer a very diversified investment opportunity.

Funds like Merrill Lynch can perform very well, and have been known to outperform gold. You are essentially investing in a company, or many companies, that mine, refine, and deliver gold and gold products. The downside is that you are often investing in companies that operate in the 3rd world, so learn about the human rights performance of a country if that is something that concerns you.

Gold Exchange Traded Funds

Exchange traded funds are traded on the stock market and are close in value to the actual gold asset.

To learn more about gold investing, you can visit this gold investment website

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Scrap Gold, Silver, and Platinum Cash Calculator Launches

At, we are always looking to improve the gold, silver, and platinum selling experience. Today, we have launched our Scrap gold, silver, and platinum Cash Calculator

With this price calculator, you can estimate the amount of cash you can earn when you sell scrap, broken, or unused jewelry. Simply input the type of gold, silver, or platinum you have, and the amount along with the corresponding unit. Hit the Submit button and you will see an instant estimate!

The prices change frequently, so this tool is invaluable to anyone looking to sell their old and unused jewelry online. For example, at the time of writing this, we can estimate that we could get paid $98.77 for 10 grams of 24K gold.

This calculator is for estimation purposes only! We make no guarantee that you will receive less, more, or equal to the amounts displayed by this calculator.

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Time to Clean Out your Jewelry Boxes – Gold Reaches All Time Highs

The price of gold has reached an all time high of $1000 per ounce. With recession fears growing, many people need money to pay the bills. Right now, there’s probably no better way to get quick cash then to sell your broken and unused gold. Check out your jewelry boxes and look for gold jewelry that you no longer wear. That can include things like single earring pieces, broken chains, and gold jewelry you no longer wear that has gone out of style. With only a few pieces, you could make yourself well over a few hundred bucks very quickly!

But are you selling your gold to a pawn shop or jeweler? If you are, you should consider requesting a gold kit today directly from a gold refiner. Why? Pawn shops are known to give you rock bottom payouts for your items, and jewelers are known to skim a little off the top for the same exact service. Your scrap gold and jewelry will end up in the hands of the refiners anyway, so why pay the middleman?

Rocket Pawn and Jewelry Owner Cynthia Beavers says customers are coming in droves to trade in their old gold for cash. “Just scrap gold chains, necklaces, rings – they’re just cleaning out their jewelry boxes,” she says. News of the price increase of gold is all over town. Pawn shops are seeing people bring in broken jewelry, old wedding rings, and even gifts from ex significant others.

Source: It’s Worth It’s Weight

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Gold Prices Continue To Rise – Could Hit $1000 First Week Of February

Looking to sell your old gold and jewelry? It might be a smart play to wait until next week when gold prices are estimated to hit new highs. You can still a free gold kit if you anticipate selling your old gold and jewelry.

SILVER and GOLD PRICES are blasting the hair off our heads, and it’s not over yet. Meanwhile, the dollar looks like squash on a dead vine. Stocks don’t look much better.

It’s obvious that SILVER & GOLD PRICES are in the last stages of their rally because they are moving straight up every day by leaps & bounds. The SILVER PRICE cleared the $17s in nine days, the $18s in three days, and after two days is 3/4 of the way through the $19s.

Source: Gold Price Could Hit $1000 Next Week

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