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BullionVault is the Easiest Way to Buy, Sell, and Trade Real Gold

It’s hard for individuals to find simple and safe ways to buy, sell and store gold. You could buy gold bars straight up and store them in your basement. But do you know where to buy these gold bars, and would feel safe storing these valuable pieces of gold in your home? How would you get rid of them if you wanted to cash out your gold? Would anyone buy from you knowing that you cannot guarantee its integrity? Investing in gold requires huge amounts of money to get access to the best prices. Do you have that kind of access? Storing your gold in an accredited storage account requires at least 15-20 400-ounce bars and has huge fees. Many average and even wealthy people will be paying a high premium just to deal with gold. Seems like investing in gold is more trouble than its worth!

This is where BullionVault comes in. BullionVault was started in 2005 as a gold bullion exchange and physical storage provider. Their goal is to make buying, selling, and owning gold as accessible and easy as possible.

Bullion Vault Buy and Sell Gold Bullion

Buying Gold – Barriers to Entry

The most competitive gold prices are only enjoyed by those in the professional gold bullion market. These entities include governments, gold bullion banks, large gold dealers, and gold refineries. The professional gold market only deals in Good Delivery bars. If you can’t trade in these bars, then you can’t enjoy their completive prices.

A Good Delivery bar will typically weigh around 400 Troy Oz, which is around 12.5 kilograms. These Good Delivery bars are cast by a very small group of metal refiners, accredited by professional gold bullion dealing communities in New York, Zurich, and London. These gold bars are always 99.5% pure gold or better. The professional markets only trade the pure gold content, known as fine gold, so you never had to pay for the .5 or less percentage of impurities.

As these Good Delivery bars are moved between vaults and accounts, a very careful record is maintained. This guarantees the gold bar is what it is, and it greatly lowers the handling and dealing costs.

BullionVault gives you Access to the Professional Markets

With BullionVault, you get access to professional market gold, in any quantity that you want. That means you can deal with gold in grams instead of paying for a full bar of bullion.

BullionVault deals with Good Delivery gold, giving you the best market prices available. The cost of dealing with BullionVault is about 1/10th what a regular individual would pay dealing with gold coins and small gold bars.

There are no fees to join BullionVault, where there would be with a unit trust or mutual. You only pay commission when buying gold up to 0.8%, which lowers as invest more. You can pay as little as 0.02% when you invest more than $30,000.

The gold is stored in vaults in London (UK), New York (USA), and Zurich (Switzerland). Storing your gold through BullionVault means storage charges of an incredibly low 0.12% pa with insurance. That’s less than 1/10th of storage fees charged by retail banks.

When you sell your gold, you won’t have to hire an expensive armored courier. This can save you an incredible amount of money. BullionVault customers save money because they deal directly with each other!

BullionVault Guarantees your Safety and Security.

When you buy gold with BullionVault, it is your property. Even if BullionVault or its parent company went out of business, you would still own the gold. No need to worry about the risks of any financial institution. It remains stored at one of three locations, New York, London, or Zurich, which are run by accredited professional vault operators.

BullionVault is the only gold market that says open 24/7. That’s in the world! There are no minimum periods for investing, and you can withdrawal your cash as soon as you sell your gold.

In addition, it’s almost impossible to make a mistake when trading on BullionVault. You can’t buy more gold than you can pay for, and you can’t deal gold at a ridiculous price. The system is designed to eliminate the obvious user errors. First time buyers are invited to talk to BullionVault customer service, so they can be led through the process with ease.

Bullion Vault Buy and Sell Gold Bullion

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