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5 Reasons to Sell Gold for Cash

Why should you sell gold for cash? There are a number of reasons, and each reason will be different for the individual. With the current gold prices at near-record levels, it really doesn’t matter what your reason is – if you sell gold now you will get paid more than any other time in history. Online gold buyers make it very easy these days – all you have to do is request a gold kit, wait for it in the mail, and then mail off your gold items in an insured envelop. Many gold buyers now deposit money directly into your bank account if speed is what you are looking for.

Your Gold is No Longer Usable

Sometimes bad things happen can happen to good jewelry. Earrings can bend beyond repair, or you may lose one making the pair useless. Necklace chains can become mangled and bent, and can be very expensive to repair. You might also have a watch that hasn’t told time in years. Whatever the case may be, sometimes jewelry ends up in a bad enough condition where it is worth it for you to sell.

You Gold Jewelry isn’t Fashionable, or Causes Heartbreak

There are two reasons why you might not want an item anymore (excluding damage). One reason is that the piece of jewelry was given to as a gift during a relationship, and now that relationship has gone south. If a piece of jewelry haunts you every time you open the jewelry box, then it might be time to sell.
Another reason is that your style may have changed. A piece of jewelry from the 1980’s may not be too fashionable to wear anymore, Or the piece of jewelry is simply out of style or doesn’t match the style of clothes you wear currently.

It is Technically Recycling

Mining for gold and silver is one of the worst practices for the environment. Gold and silver mines completely ravage the piece of land where they sit (often they are many, many square miles large). They leave large holes in the earth and require lots of polluting machinery to operate. The area often gets torn apart by the large vehicles carrying ore back to the processing plants. At refineries, chemicals are used to extract the gold from the ore, which are released back into the environment.

The piece of jewelry you thought was so pretty actually has a dirty history.

The amount of work it takes to get gold back into a usable form from old gold and jewelry is substantially less than what it takes to extract that same amount from the earth. By selling your gold to a gold buyer, they will melt it down to be resold to jewelry makers and other types of businesses that use gold.

It’s an Easy Way to Get Money Fast

Everyone can use a little cash these days. Unemployment rates are high and the recession is still lingering. Not to mention tax time just passed, and if you owe money then selling gold can help ease the finally burden.

If your budget is strapped for cash, now would be a good time to look through old jewelry boxes to see if you can sell anything that you simply do not want anymore.

Selling Gold is Easy

It takes no more than 2 minutes to request a gold sellers kit from a company like Cash4Gold. They mail you a gold kit that arrives within a day or two, and they process your order as soon as they receive it. It makes much more sense than driving around town to find a pawn shop or jewelry store.

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