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Cash4Gold Now Offering 20% More for Scrap Gold and Jewelry

If you haven’t heard, the largest scrap gold buyer in the world is now offering 20% more for your scrap gold and jewelry. The marketing campaign is designed to help them reach their $100,000,000 payout goal. With gold prices still at high levels, you can earn a lot of money for the jewelry and gold you no longer need.

What is Cash4Gold?

Cash4Gold offers a service that lets you securely mail-in old, broken, and unwanted jewelry and gold pieces for money. The company started growing very quickly a few years ago when gold prices started reaching all-time highs.

How Cash4Gold Work?

Step 1: Request a Kit from Cash4Gold. This is a free service, and requires no personal information from you aside from your name and address.
Step 2: When the “Pak” arrives at your home, you insert and ship off the gold items you no longer need. The “Pak” is durable for holding your heavy items, so no need to worry about it getting damaged.
Step 3: Wait for payment. Cash4Gold will sort and process your scrap gold and jewelry to determine the value of your items. In less than a couple of days, you will receive payment by check. You also have the option of getting paid within 24 hours from the time they process your items if you attach a voided check for direct deposit.

Cash4Gold’s Commitment to Safety and Customer Satisfaction

Cash4Gold prides itself on safe and secure delivery of your gold items. Here are some facts directly from their website:

  • Shipping Your Items Safely – The envelope send to your home for delivery is strong and durable. It is also generic so no one knows what the package contains. You are also able to track the Pak every step of the way online. Free insurance is provided for up to $100 via the post office, and you have the option of sending the package through any shipping company for more insurance.
  • Arrival of Your Items – The shipments are picked up by a bonded armored truck and taken directly to the Cash4Gold facility. The post office provides a detailed report on the number of packs sent that is checked-in upon arrival
  • Full Documentation – When your package arrives at the Cash4Gold facility, your items are photographed and compared to the itemized list that you provide. If you choose to have your items returned, then photographs are once again taken to verify that all your items are going into the return package.
  • Secure Building – All people, including employees, are checked by armed guards and metal detectors prior to entering and leaving the building. Armed guards and high definition security cameras ensure that no jewelry leaves the building. The building is a complete “vault” – there are no windows and the walls are built like a vault.

Customer satisfaction is the number one priority at Cash4Gold. Very few competitors offer the 100% Satisfaction Guarantee that is offered by Cash4Gold.

If for any reason you feel that any of your items have not been fairly evaluated by Cash4Gold, simply return our check or call within twelve (12) days of the date on the check. Cash4Gold will promptly return your items. That I guarantee!

Jeff Aronson, CEO

You can use our Scrap Gold Calculator for estimates. Keep in mind, the 20% more Cash4Gold is offering is not implemented into our calculator.

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